What is Mental Health? – Definition & Importance

Mental Health

in this article, we discuss the importance of your mental health and provide ways in which you can boost your mental wellness.

After reading this post, you will have a better understanding of the meaning of mental wellness, and here are the importance and ways to enhance your mental fitness.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is defined as the absence of mental illness. However, it is too vague to define mental wellness simply as the absence of mental illness or mental disorder. This is justified in the definition of health by the World Health Organisation, which defines health as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not simply as the absence of disease.

It’s all about enhancing your emotional, cognitive, and psychological functioning, which translates into an increased level of competence and determination toward your predetermined goals and objectives.

Deviation from a sound state of mental wellness status can result in various types of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, dysthymia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and so on. These problems do not only affect the person who is suffering but they also affect society and ultimately the people who are a part of these societies.

Prevalence of Mental health

  • The World Health Organization reports that 450 million people suffer from mental disorders. More than 150 million people suffer from depression at any given time.
  • The problem of mental illness is very common. 50% of Americans suffer from mental wellness disorders and related illnesses at some point in life.
  • An online survey reveals that 65% of youth falling in the age group of 22-25 years show early signs of depression.

Importance of Mental Health

1). Enhances productivity in the workplace

If you face problems in your workplace, it means that you are not mentally prepared for the tasks in your workplace, or it is one of the reasons for your low productivity.

Maybe you don’t have good mental strength. The importance of mental fitness lies in the fact that it enables you to adjust better to people and situations, especially at your workplace. This is important because you give about 30% – 40% of your life to work and work-related activities.

Good health makes it easier to adapt to a changing work environment. If you keep your health mentally balanced then you become more productive. You adopt a creative approach toward the problems that come in the field. Good mental wellness enables you to cope with day-to-day stress and be more productive.

2). Contributes to the social well being

Having good mental well-being will enable you to develop healthy relationships with your friends, family, and relatives. Good mental therapy leads to social inclusion within and between groups. You control your own actions and you also analyze the impact of your actions on others.

Mental Health

You always need to have a sympathetic approach towards others and you also have to take care of the feelings of others i.e. there should be no place for qualities like prejudice and discrimination. You must be able to present your ideas to others.

The most important thing is that you have a positive attitude and the creative approach you need to develop social relationships with others.

3). Healthy interpersonal relationship

If you are one of those who face difficulty in handling relationships with parents, colleagues, and friends and often find yourself in trouble while dealing with others – your mental strength has a lot to do with it- have to give.

Good mental health allows you to develop healthy interpersonal bonds with others. You understand others very well and keep the conversation going by being empathetic toward others. If you listen and respond appropriately without judgment, your mood is not severe. Mood swings often give rise to conflicting tendencies and help clear up misunderstandings and confusion and you are able to control your emotions and feelings with maturity.

If you feel irritable and negative in your current friend circle or work environment – Persistent irritability leads to a lack of concentration and can further lead to personality and anxiety disorders. By being in a good mental state and staying away from negative people you can create yourself an optimistic environment and your outlook towards life will be optimistic then you will find joy in everything and you will do more and complain less.

4). Reduced dogmatism

If you feel that some negative force is preventing you from opening yourself up to new ideas – you may have a fixed mindset. You are afraid of exploring new things because of the risk of failure. You don’t have confidence in yourself and you give up before you even start. When you know the importance of mental health, then such problems will automatically stop.

When you are mentally stable and healthy then you will see things from a different perspective. You will meet every new task as a challenge rather than a hindrance, then you will become more confident and achieve higher goals. A balanced mental state enables you to be open to new ideas and talk about ideas rather than fearful anticipation of possible outcomes.

  1. Positive self-image

A negative self-image is a sign of poor mental health. You find yourself looking for suggestions and accepting honest criticisms. Don’t let yourself get down by comparing yourself to others. When you value self-respect and you will not let anyone make you feel less capable.

A negative self-image often leads to eating disorders and acute addiction to substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and other harmful drugs. This will make your situation worse which will create one more thing. A negative self-image often leads to an unfair assessment of oneself. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to mental wellness to ensure a positive and healthy self-image.

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Often some unexpected negative changes lead us to severe emotional outbursts increasing stress. You have to learn to cope with the inevitable changes in life. You cannot control situations but you can definitely control your reactions. If your mental state is good then no external force will be able to disturb your inner peace.

You will be able to take decisions even under pressure. Instead of dwelling on the past, you will be better able to deal with the uncertainties of life and live in the present and make the most of whatever opportunities come your way.

mental health
  1. Better decision making
    If you have good mental health, you will be in a better position to make important decisions. You consider every aspect of your choices and the possible consequences of your decisions. You make your choice by weighing the pros and cons. Under a balanced mental state, your decisions are not made out of enthusiasm but they are made out of a conscious rational process. Ultimately, you make better choices keeping in mind their impact on others. You are in a better position to make choices regarding your profession, relationships, etc.
  2. Enhances physical health
    Mental and physical health are closely interlinked with each other, Both contribute to your well-being. Being in a state of balanced mental state you tend to develop a liking for physical activities.

You keep yourself busy with it. He is engaged in some kind of physical activity which will keep him fit and healthy. A mentally healthy person is also physically healthy.

There is better coordination of your cognitive and motor functions which enables the healthy development of your body right from your early infancy.

What are the solutions?

For adolescents and teenagers
This is the age when a lot of hormonal and physical changes take place in your body. Due to such changes, you are more likely to develop opposite views.

You are unable to differentiate between good or bad, moral or immoral and conflicts are likely to develop between you and your parents. The chances of choosing a bad company are high.

If you think the world is against you.

At this age, both society and your parents have high expectations of you. Positive competence develops when expectations are met.

However, due to failure to meet expectations, your chances of becoming a victim of depression and related disorders are high.

What you must do?

  • Be open with your parents, teachers, older siblings, and close friends.
  • Don’t look for answers to your questions in fictional movies, web series, and novels.
  • Don’t compare your situation with anyone else’s.
  • Do not do anything that you are not willing to do just because of peer pressure.
  • Keep yourself in touch with reality. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

Surround yourself with positive people

Choose your friends wisely. Your friends define you and influence you in more ways than you might think. Optimistic people will guide you on the right path and also give the right advice which will help you to come out of your problems.

Negative or pessimistic people criticize the situation and cry over the situation. They cry when milk is spilled and will force you to do the same.

So my suggestion is that you surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude and who can really help you out of your troubled state of mental well.

What can you do for yourself?

You cannot be dependent on someone else for all your emotional needs. You need to learn to deal with your thoughts. No one is going to stay there permanently, the best thing you can do is to take your own responsibility.

You are what you eat, what you listen to, what you read, and what kind of people you hang out with. Your healthy mind resides in your healthy body. Take good care of your fitness.

Do not compromise your sleep. Stay away from addiction. Avoid the company of people who are not good for your mental healness.

First of all, control your mind, and don’t let your mind control you. Also, you can Think positively and stay away from negative thoughts. Focus on the things that really matter. If you cannot open up to someone directly about what you are facing, pen down your thoughts.

What you and I can conclude?

After reading the book, we have come to know that mental health is as important as physical health. It plays an important role in the development of competencies in every individual. Deviation from the mental state of the mind can cause disturbances in the normal functioning of our body.

No matter how physically fit you are if you are mentally unwell your productivity will decrease significantly. Prioritize your health and see yourself achieving the things you have always wanted.