Is it good to do yoga before sleeping?


In general, doing any sports activity before going to sleep is not highly recommended because it will cost you more to fall asleep. However, in the case of yoga, because it facilitates you to enter a high state of relaxation, it is not so clear that it is harmful to practice it at night for this reason. Here we analyze different aspects of the answer to the question of whether it is good to do yoga before bed.

Yoga Steps to follow:

One.Yoga, although it does have a high component of relaxation, is still a physical activity that will make your body activate and, therefore, if you practice it at night it can be difficult for you to fall asleep. In any case, if you have never had trouble falling asleep, it is difficult to be influenced by doing yoga at night.

Two.However, if you are a somewhat nervous person, it is true that yoga has many benefits for you, but before going to sleep is not the best time to practice it. What you can do, instead of a pure yoga session in which you practice different postures stretching your muscles, is to do certain asanas, but without forcing the posture.

3.Next, we recommend this yoga posture that you can practice at night, once you are already in bed and that, without a doubt, will help you fall asleep. This asana is called Balasana and consists of sitting on your heels and supporting the trunk and head on a pillow or cushion.

4.If your leg or back muscles are pulling too much, adjust your position slightly until you are comfortable. Remember that you are not practicing yoga but you are using one of its postures to be able to enter a state of relaxation such that it allows you to fall asleep easily.

5.The Savasana is another highly recommended asana to practice before going to sleep. In fact, it is also known as the posture of the dead. Lie on your back on the bed, palms up, legs slightly apart and concentrating on your breathing, which should be very deep. It won’t take long for you to fall asleep.

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6.As you can see, these yoga postures are very simple and, therefore, you can do them before going to sleep without risk of interfering with your sleep rhythm. What’s more, they will help you reconcile it. However, yoga can be much more complex, so to practice it in its full extent it is preferable to choose another time of day.